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With over thirty (30) years of relevant experience in the auto glass industry, the founders of Benson Auto Glass have made a science out of providing the maximum possible value to their customers. Providing windshields and tempered glass to large retailers, and wholesalers throughout North America, Benson Auto Glass attributes their continued growth to a consistent focus on quality and service to their customers.

Benson Auto Glass is pleased to announce, that due to the cooperative efforts of one of the most modern automotive glass manufacturing facilities in the world, the continued expansion of the products and services that they can provide to their customers. In addition to the factory direct shipments customers have come to expect; there are also over a thousand different tempered part numbers available for shipment domestically from the warehouse.

Now there are more ways to save you money!

So whether you need the volume and savings associated with factory direct shipments, or the maximum flexibility of low minimum orders and just in time delivery. Donít wait, contact Benson Auto Glass today.